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GPS and other Data...

I have had some great feedback today from various people who were commenting on my earlier blog regarding GPS tracking and data on the canal network. A few of you have said there should be no tracking as I should use to the time on the canal to have a digital detox and remove myself from the rush of the normal days...

However, the thing is, I don't want to have a digital detox...

I love the fact that my friends can engage with me 24 hours a day and I can do the same today...take today, I am seeing a lot of pics of proud parents sending their children off for their first days at school, twenty years ago this engagement would not have been possible.

The ITV programme 'Cold Feet' came back on our telly screens last evening and it was first filmed in a time before always on connectivity and social media, yet the only reason the revival was so popular last night is that it was through social media that the programme was so hyped up before transmission! (it was the number 1 trend in the UK for 5 hours!)

So there you have it, I want to have my always connected device with me on my boat trip and use GPS and other data to enhance the trip for our followers, wether they be physical followers who want to come and see the boat, using the GPS to find and intercept us, or virtual followers using social media to follow our progress.


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