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Captains Log Day 7

Today started in a very unusual way. We left the boat!!!!

As we were moored practically right next door to Kingsbury Water Park it was decided a good long walk around there was just the thing to blow the cobwebs out. We set out on our quest discussing the irony of one of us falling into the water there rather than into the canal which all of us (touch wood) had managed to avoid thus far. The topics of conversation were wide and varied to say the least, ranging from "if you could go to any point in history, where would you go?" to "what's the best mobile phone?"

Back aboard we pushed off down the remainder of the Curdworth Flight in a humid yet grey atmosphere. We looked at house prices along the way and listed our ideal home requirements (mine being a 4 bedroomed detached house, split level living, with basement level recording studio & Dave annex for when he comes to visit!). As we turned came through a tight spot at the Samuel Barlow pub & marina we passed a number of beautiful old classic working boats, motor & butty combos and even a CRT working crew dredging. We came to a halt at the bottom of Glascote locks and the heavens opened!! Fortunately it was a brief shower that dissipated before we reached the top lock. At the top lock we saw a 67' boat reversing out from the marina. The helmsman seemed confident and commanding of such a long vessel. As we approached & congratulated him on such fine steersmanship we discovered it was only the third time he'd attempted such an ambitious manoeuvre! (Talking of ambitious manoeuvres, have I ever mentioned my friend Inui the Inuit?) We finely arrived at Polesworth where we moored near to the Bulls Head pub. We've stayed here before. There is a curry house above the pub (well it is our last night!). We were joined by The Admiral & Mrs The Admiral for a sociable ale. David has learnt the term "motor & butty" and we were also fortunate to see a few great examples drift by too! All in all we have talked an awful lot this week and asked a lot of deep & (not so) meaningful questions. The most important of which, "have we enjoyed ourselves?" can truly be answered yes, we have!

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