The Worlds End Reminiscence

So, after a recent visit to see the latest Pegg / Frost offering with @SURVEYORMATT and @VWWill, it dawned on me that the #boysinaboat experiment is more than just that. Its about 4 long standing pals revisiting what made them such good pals in the first place . . . a combination of doing things together, and alcohol, and such an adventure needs a soundtrack.

As we left the Worlds End screening (kindly provided by Oscar Deustch) we realised how amazingly amazing the soundtrack to the film was, being based roughly around the same time as we were growing up, listening to the last of The Smiths, the middle (and good bit) of The Stones Roses, and the start of the Indie/Britpop revolution. Indeed, musically, the mid 1990's are thf the best place to have grown up after the need to listen to either the beatles or the Stones back in the mid60s . .To quote Austin Powers "Ive looked into the 70's and 80's . . nothing happened!"

And so to the playlists . . . what originally started as a brief 1 hour collection of tunes from (our) yesteryear, has turned into 2 x 50 track, 3.5 hour marathons of the greatest guitar based rock-indie-pop of the 1990s . . lets call it 'Music to sail by, by'. A trip down memory lane at worst, an awakening of past ghosts and an insight into the bands that shaped who we really are.

The lists are largely and relatively chronological, although there are a few insertions where my mind wandered and thought 'must include that'.

For those who want to pick fault, I am well aware that there is no Oasis in the collection (its not on Spotify or Grooveshark and cba to ripping it off a CD in the living room) I also know that there is no Nirvana . . .and that because its Nirvana and I don't want anyone getting suicidal over the past!

Playlist 1 - 'Early Learning'

Do You Remember The First Time? Pulp

The Size Of A Cow The Wonderstuff

Sit Down James

You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For Catatonia

Parklife Blur

Animal Nitrate Suede

All Together Now The Farm

Zombie The Cranberries

Basket Case Green Day

This Is How It Feels To Be Lonely Inspiral Carpets

Girl From Mars Ash

Staying Out For The Summer Dodgy

Wake Up Boo The Boo Radleys

Kinky Afro Happy Mondays

Life of Riley The Lightning Seeds

The Changingman Paul Weller

Underwear Pulp

Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division

Shiny Happy People R.E.M

Alright Supergrass

Walkaway Cast

Marvellous The Lightning Seeds

I Am The Resurrection The Stone Roses

Only Happy When It Rains Garbage

Olympian Gene

You and Me Song Wannadies

Goldfinger Ash

Chasing Rainbows Shed 7

Common People Pulp

Move On Up Primal Scream

The Only One I Know The Charlatans

There’s No Other Way Blur

Alright Cast

Richard III Supergrass

Moving Supergrass

She Said The Longpigs

On & On The Longpigs

Creep Radiohead

Ten Storey Love Song The Stone Roses

Love fool The Cardigans

The Riverboat Song Ocean Colour Scene

Going for Gold Shed 7

Grateful When You’re Dead Kula Shaker

Hey Dude Kula Shaker

Female of the Species Space

Inbetweener Sleeper

Something For The Weekend The Divine Comedy

In A Room Dodgy

The Impression That I Get Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Oblivion Terrorvision

Playlist 2 - 'Indie/Rock Appreciation 101'

Place Your Hands Reef

Being Brave Menswear

Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead

Sleep Well Tonight Gene

Wide Open Space Mansun

Hush Kula Shaker

Neighbourhood Space

Good Enough Dodgy

Rocks Primal Scream

Perseverance Terrorvision

Kellys Heroes Blake Grape

Reverend Black Grape Blake Grape

Loser Beck

The Fun Lovin’ Criminal Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Laid James

Babies Pulp

Bittersweet Symphony The Verve

One to Another The Charlatans

You’ve Got It Bad Ocean Colour Scene

On Standby Shed 7

Design For Life Manic Street Preachers

Flying Cast

Nancy Boy Placebo

Great Things Echobelly

Girls and Boys Blur

The Day Before Yesterdays Man The Supernaturals

If You Don't Want Me To Destroy You Super Furry Animals

Mrs Robinson The Lemonheads

60 Mile Smile 3 Colours Red

What Do You Want From Me Monaco

Sunday Shining Finley Quaye

Your Love Gets Sweeter Finley Quaye

Shes a Star James

Sugar Coated Iceberg The Lightning Seeds

Drink The Sunshine Symposium

Dreaming Of You The Coral

Why Does It Always Rain On Me Travis

Beetlebum Blur

100 Mile High City Ocean Colour Scene

What A Beautiful Day Levellers

Tomorrow James

Consideration Reef

No Surprises Radiohead

Love Is The Law The Seahorses

Nothing Lasts Forever Echo & The Bunnymen

Local Boy in the Photograph The Stereophonics

Step Into my World Hurricane #1

Tied To The Nineties Travis

Telling Stories The Charlatans

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day

Now as Auntie Pat (Styles, Head of Sixth Form) used to say as we wasted our time in the common room playing cards, throwing skittles at each other or jumping and 'pilling on' Matt Dewis, "shouldn't you be working?"

Easy . . . . . @thequirkologist.

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